Protective Guard


Protective Guard

Protective guards, also known as mouth guards, are a protective piece of equipment worn at night or for high-contact sports. Protective guards help prevent injuries to your teeth and jaw and also allows your jaw joint to rest when worn at night. Protective guards are typically made of acrylic material and worn on top of teeth when in use.

When worn at night, protective guards help protect against grinding or clenching. Teeth grinding runs the risk of teeth wear and also can be a cause of frequent headaches or sore jaws, thus making protective guards an important part of protecting your jaw and getting a good night's rest.

In sports, a protective guard can help prevent injuries to your cheek, tongue, and lips, reducing the impact on these areas in high-contact sports such as football or hockey.

Why are protective guards custom-made?
In order to provide the best protection and comfort fit, protective guards are best utilized when custom molded to your teeth. A custom-made protective guard will ensure your protective guard can be worn with ease for long periods of time and give you the necessary protection you require.

How are custom protective guards made?
A dental putty will be utilized to make an impression of your mouth. This impression, replicating the exact size and placement of your teeth, will then be recreated into a plaster mold that will be utilized to create your custom, perfect-fit protective guard.


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